Our Company

Vetaroo is committed to creating a new experience in the veterinary landscape.

Vetaroo's mission is to provide pets and pet owners with exceptional quality medicine, in a welcoming and warm community-driven environment.

We believe our focus should be on pet well-being and comfort - everything else follows.
We also embrace technology in everything that we do, which broadens to our clients’ interaction with our clinics.
We offer a personalized pet care portal, accessible in real-time via our app.
Our clinics are centered around a welcoming, warm, service-oriented, and inviting atmosphere, providing an exceptionally positive experience to both pets and their owners.
Our amazing vets are always available with our "TGV for Vets" app available from the Google play, and the Apple app stores.

Vetaroo's Core Values

  • 01

    Focus on pet well-being and comfort.
    Everything else will follow

  • 02

    Excellence in everything that we do,
    enforced with a culture of responsibility

  • 03

    Embracing technology in every aspect
    of our operations

  • 04

    Welcoming, service-oriented, educating
    experience for our patients and clients

Our Provided Services at Vetaroo

Your first exam at a Vetaroo clinic will be comprehensive and educational, giving you a clear and detailed understanding of your pet’s needs and your options for treatment. After going through the options with you, we will plan an approach together and treat your pet based on whatever you decide.

Our Services Include:

  • Wellness Exams

    Comprehensive nose-to-tail check-ups to make sure your pet is healthy and happy. We aim to address and prevent any medical condition before it becomes severe, keeping our furry friends at their best.

  • Urgent Care

    We are fully equipped to address your pet in their time of need during our regular business hours, and we maintain a close working relationship with local emergency clinics for after-hours care.

  • Diagnostics

    We have a full in-house diagnostic capability, ranging from bloodwork to radiology, with the goal of providing you clear and accurate information about your pet's condition, as soon as possible.

  • Sick Visits

    We welcome walk-ins when your pet isn't feeling 100%. We are available to assist the moment you identify a concern, and we'll work hard to get them back to feeling like themselves.

  • Vaccinations

    We personalize your pet's vaccination schedule to meet their individual needs, keeping them protected against dangerous viruses and bacteria. We keep you up to date with the latest medical information and send reminder notifications when your pet is due for boosters. Preventative care is of paramount importance for keeping your pet healthy.

  • Dental Care

    We offer professional dental cleanings, radiology, and extractions to keep your pet's mouth pain-free and smelling fresh.

  • Surgeries

    We provide a full array of in-house surgical capabilities including but not limited to:
    - Spay and neuter surgeries
    - Soft tissue procedures
    - Mass removals
    - Oral surgery